Premier Photographer of the Year

This page shows the Premier Photographer of the Year up until 2010.
The Advanced and Premier grades were combined into one Advanced grade at the end of 2010.

2010Mark Sedgwick
2009Gerry Kerr
2008Cyrus Sangari
2007Gerry Kerr
2006Cliff Hutchinson
2005Mark Sedgwick
2004Mark Sedgwick
2003Mark Sedgwick
2002Ken May
2001Vincent McNamara
2000Mark Sedgwick
1999Cliff Hutchinson
1998Cliff Hutchinson
1997Mark Sedgwick
1996Mark Sedgwick
1995Mark Sedgwick
1994Colin Kavanagh
1993Mark Sedgwick
1992Mark Sedgwick
1991George Morris/Michael Davitt
1990Mark Sedgwick
1989Dallas Camier
1988Vincent O'Reilly
1987Jackson Hutchinson
1986Jackson Hutchinson