Competition Guidelines

General Information

If You are unsure of anything to do with competition entries ask any committee member for help or advice, in the unlikely event that they do not have the answer to your question they will obtain the information for you.

If you are not able to be present on hand-in night, please arrange with a friend to submit your entries. The club will not accept late entries

Most images will be retained by the club until the end of the year for consideration of submission to competitions

Guidelines for Colour and Monochrome Print entries

Submissions will only be accepted when mounted on a 20 x 16 inch board (Black White or Cream).
These boards are sold in the club prior to competition hand in nights.

When Mounting your print spray or paste the back of THE PRINT before sticking it to mount board as opposed to spraying or pasting the Mount Board as this will help prevent prints sticking together when packed in boxes for judging.

Mark clearly on the label provided, your competition grading and three digit competition number, the media category and where applicable the print title.  If you are entering two images in a particular media, give each a number.


Monochrome Print #2

“Interesting title”


Guidelines for Projected Images.

Email entry to league club competitions for the current season should be made by email to Images MUST be formatted as follows:

  1. Image size 2048 pixels on the longest side
  2. Files must be saved as jpg format
  3. Files must be named as follows Xyyy_Z_title.jpg, where X = A for Advanced, I for intermediate, and N for novice. Y = your competition number and Z = 1 or 2 for entry 1 or entry 2. Your title should be a simple one or two word identifier.  For example if you enter two images, one of a duck and one of a swan into the novice entry and your competition number is 123, then the entry names would look like:
    1. N123_1_Duck.jpg
    2. N123_2_swan.jpg
  4. Colour space sRGB is preferred for those that are interested.

You should retain the original .psd or .tif file in case the image is to be printed for National Shield or League competitions.

Due to the overhead involved in collecting digital entries, any images which do not comply with the above rules, will not be accepted for entry to that competition.